igus® products in use in sewage treatment plants - More reliability that costs less

... due to a long-lasting system and less wearing parts

igus® offers energy supply systems, cables and guide troughs which reliably function even with continuous loads and in weather conditions such as sun, wind, snow and ice.
Thus you can avoid downtimes, lower operating costs and reduce maintenance requirements for your system.

Your potential savings with igus®

Regular replacement of cables eliminated

No separate drive of the motor cable drum - saves material and energy

No slip ring body and regular replacement of contacts

No imposition or tearing of the cables

Application of igus® energy chains on long paths in clarifiers




Basic flizz®

...Basic flizz®...  

Constructed in modular design and expandable even after installation

Route cables securely and protect against damage

Cables don't get caught, stuck or tear off

For continuously moving application outdoors

Without cutting costs

No minimum quantity surcharge


Weatherproof housing

Safe guidance

Simple wall or floor mounting

With igus® roller e-chain® 200 m travel and more

Compact design

Standardised and available from stock

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Successful igus® solutions already in use here …

Already implemented customer applications

Here you can see an excerpt of application examples of our customers.

Scraper bridge in the preliminary settling basin

basic flizz® system reliably supplies the scraper bridge with energy.

Scraper bridge in the preliminary settling basin    

Energy chain in large scale wastewater treatment plant

An energy chain of Series 2500 has been in use at the large-scale wastewater treatment plant in Calbe since the beginning of 2008.

Energy chain in large scale wastewater treatment plant    

Sewage plant

The energy supply cables at this water treatment facility are protected by an enclosure.

Sewage plant    

Sewage treatment plant

The flizz® system energy chain solution in the longitudinal scraper bridge and sand trap in a wastewater treatment plant of the Kempten sewage board.

Sewage treatment plant    

e-chain® for primary clarifier cleaning mechanism

Use of e-chains® in a sewage works.

e-chain® for primary clarifier cleaning mechanism    

Sewage treatment plant

The existing system with a motor cable drum proved to be not resistant enough in the difficult outdoor environmental conditions, and was replaced by a flizz® system.

Sewage treatment plant    

Sewage treatment plant

Energy chain system instead of cable drum - Smooth operation at the sewage treatment plant since 2000

Sewage treatment plant    

Sludge processing

World's biggest polymer energy chain: Being many times lighter than comparable steel chains it easily moves over 100 kg of filling per meter.

Sludge processing  plant    

Wash classifier

Dirt, sand and sludge are part of everyday life with a wash classifier. The energy chains have to be able to cope.

Wash classifier    
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