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The current project: Development of a robot to position a focussed ultrasound-ablation tube for the treatment of deep brain tumours. Surgeons can take pictures with this system, choose a target intuitively, and direct the robot to position a probe without changing the position of the patient. While MRI machines deliver outstanding medicinal pictures with high soft tissue contrast, nevertheless they create a problematic environment for electro mechanic systems. The use of the conventional ferromagnetic material is strictly limited, for safety reasons. Non-ferrous metals in large quantities, or close proximity to the imaging area, need to also be avoided in order to prevent artefacts or distortions. The solution: iglidur H1 bearings – positioned directly on top of the patient’s head, without affecting the quality of the medical pictures. They are also used in the other axles of the robot; they are durable, resistant against cleaning and sterilization methods. Other applied products from igus® are: drylin® trapezoidal thread spindles, iglidur® L280 also drylin® R linear plain bearings. They simplify installation and maintenance and offer the best MRI compatibility.

Surgical robots  
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Christopher Nycz, Worcester, USA
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